Meet the Herd

Hannah (to the far right), the youngest of the Brabant siblings, has a good start on her career. She’s done well and will be at many more public events in 2018.
From left to right: Haylee- Fergus- Finn getting ready to practice three abreast driving.


Our newest addition to the herd. This is Chuckles- (Chuck), a coming 4 year old purebred Percheron we brought from Canada. Why did we go so far for a horse? Chuck comes from an old-style Percheron background, he’ll be a tad bit shorter and stockier than some of his American cousins. His personality is exceptional, calm and curious. Those factors will make it easier to match him to our shorter, stockier Brabants.

Finn on the left and Haylee on the right, give riders a farm tour.

Feeling frisky in Fall! Roscoe the Instigator leads the charge, with Hannah close behind and Haylee bringing up the rear! It’s a bit shocking to see how fast these big guys can pick up the pace!




Having a ‘matched’ team is wonderful, however, we don’t place as high a priority on matching colors or sizes as we do matching temperament and gate.

Horses that don’t match in color used to be called a Boston Match, the term originating in Boston when describing the Boston Fire Horses that were unmatched in color.




Levi is a North American Spotted Draft.  He is a Percheron & Shire cross, with a little bit of riding horse mixed in.  He is 16.2 hands tall and weighs about 1800 lbs.




Haylee is a Brabant (European Belgian)- American Belgian cross.  She stands 17.2 hands high and weighs  about 2300 lbs.  Haylee and her brothers Fergus and Finn, are a color called Blue Roan which is a mixture of black and white hairs mixed together giving them a blue or grayish coloration.  They have black “points”-  Ears, nose, mane, tail and legs.   Their winter hair coat is very dark, almost charcoal and as they shed in the spring, they become very light ashy gray with black points.  (see disking photo above)

Fergus & Finn

Fergus and Finn are Brabant-American Belgian cross half-brothers.  They stand about 17 hands and weigh about 1900 lbs.   Their harness training is complete and they have been actively working all summer long into the current sleigh season.

Finn, Hannah, Fergus

Little sister Hannah is a Brabant- American Belgian cross.  She is much shorter at 15.2 hands, but weighs about 1700 lbs.  She has much more growing to do.






Fergus & Hannah

Here’s Roscoe, our Pony-Horse Mascot.  His job for now,  is to be a companion horse and playmate.