Winter Sleigh Rides & Rates

We have set the end of the sleigh season date as March 14th 2021. We want to thank everyone for a great season, despite the virus and all the challenges that came with it.

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Our two seat sleighs hold 2 adults.

Thank You for visiting Fantail Farm!

We do group rides- we do not sell rides by the seat.  Your group will have a sleigh/wagon to yourself. 

Our sleigh rides are 45-55 minutes in length, through the woods and fields of our 120 acre farm.   During your trip there is a possibility to see Bald Eagles, Whitetail Deer and other forest critters!  We have a variety of sleighs – from a cozy two-seater to a larger 8 seater!

For the 2021/22 season, we will be adding an option. This two seat sleigh is a tad wider than the original, and will accommodate families of 3, two parents and kids under the age of 12. Tots 3 years and younger still ride free.
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Our larger sleighs hold 8 adults comfortably.

Our hours are by appointment. This year we have both Weekdays and Weekend time slots – 10 a.m., 12 Noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m.  These spaces in time are for our equine teams to rest up, or be changed out.  It gives our teamsters a chance to warm up as well.  

General Rates  (Good through March 14th  2021):

  • Private Ride- Two Seat Santa Sleigh: $60 (2 guests)
  • Group Ride (adults – 3 to 6 Guests):  $84.00
  • Group Ride (7 or more guests): $14.00/person
  • Children age 3 and under are free!! 
  • Santa Sleigh family-  (Two parents and child age 3-12)- 70.00

   Please Note!!  Private ride is only defined as having a sleigh for you and your family.  We often go out in a caravan for safety, (sleighs following each other down the path).  If you prefer the trails to yourself, there’s an additional fee and special scheduling required.   

We offer Gift Certificates!!!  NOTE!  Gift Certificate holders, don’t wait to schedule your ride, (unless we’re waiting for snow, even then, get on the schedule!)

Contact us today to secure your spot and discuss the custom options of your winter wonderland sleigh ride!

–We will confirm reservations 24 to 48 hours in advance by text or voice call. Please check to see if we’ve reached out to you and take a moment to respond. It takes time to prep barns and horses for guests, please take that into consideration and let us know ASAP what you intend to do. Thanks!

Additional Information:

–PLEASE, this year,  bring your own lap blankets. (We’re not sharing due to Covid).  

–Please come a bit early if you need to prepare yourself or children. We like to leave on the hour!  

 Included with your ride, we offer hot cocoa KITS which are pre-packaged for each group- kits include cups/lids/one spoon and cocoa packets. Kits will have your name on them and be waiting at one of the two hot water stations- (one in the main barn, one in the little barn).   These are available at the end of the ride, to enjoy while meeting the other horses or to take with you!  

–You are welcome to bring your own preferred beverages (spill proof containers, Please!).

–We appreciate advanced notice of cancellation so we can give the sleigh ride to another group on the wait list .

The addition of a warming shed was so well received this past winter, we’ve added this second “North Shed” for our guests. This allows our groups to have their hot cocoa out of the cold and with a view of the horses.
Sitting inside, watching the herd is so relaxing. Horse behavior can be fun to interpret.
The South Shed
Though sometimes there’s not enough snow for sleighs, the views from a winter wagon ride can be spectacular!!