Gift Certificate Information

Currently, Gift Certificates are designed for the Sleigh Season only. 12/15/2021 thru 03/01/2022 are the dates for this current sleigh season. If there’s snow to run on into March, we often do extend the season to 3/15. If there’s no snow to for a sleigh, a wagon will be substituted. All rides are dependent on good footing for the horses.

Certificates are priced according to the amount of people who will be on the sleigh ride. The most popular certificates are for our 2 Person and 8 Person sleigh ride, but you can taylor your certificate to fit your needs.

  • 2 Person Sleigh Ride/ Santa Sleigh- 60$
  • Santa Sleigh Family – (2 adults and 1 child- age to 12 years old)-70$
  • 3 to 6 Person Sleigh Ride – 84$
  • 7-12 People- Add 14$ per person to the 3 to 6 person rate.

If you purchased a 6 Person sleigh ride certificate and the recipient wants to add people? No problem, just give us a call and we’ll make sure your reserved time can accommodate the extra, if not, we can reschedule.

Gift Certificates have a use-by date. Please be sure you are familiar with it and make your reservation accordingly.

There are many ways to pay- We are currently working on accepting credit card payments though out website. Until we can get our store up, please consider these methods. Please include information, including a contact phone number as to where you would like the certificate mailed or emailed and any other special information to add to the document.

  • 1) Mail a check to: Fantail Farm LLC, 4700 Wallaker Rd, Benzonia MI 49616.
  • 2) Use PayPal – You can scan this QR code right from this page with the camera on your smart phone!!
  • 3) We can invoice you through email using PayPal which gives you different payment options including being able to use your credit/debit card.
  • 4) Call with a credit card #. (Please add 3$). 231-930-7216

Receiving your Gift Certificate- Once payment for your certificate has been received, we can either snail mail or email it to you. Your gift certificate will come in a separate envelope, mailed within a #10 envelope or a printable PDF can be emailed to you instead of standard mail.