Waiting on the Snow!

Just waiting on a little bit of snow!!!  In the meantime, the wheels are turning!

Wagon rides can begin as soon as the snow is gone!


Rates for Wagon Rides:

Buggy Rides on the Farm – 1 to 5 People- 1 hour in Duration = 50$.

Wagon Rides on the Farm- 6-10 People-  10$ per person – 6 person Minimum (60$).  Maximum capacity is 10 people. 1 hour in Duration.

We can do longer rides- call for pricing.

Wagon Rides over 10 Persons=  Please call for details.

Our ride routes cover two-track trails, country and gravel roads which take us through rural/agricultural areas of Joyfield Township in Benzie County.

Wagon Rides- At YOUR location-  We can bring a wagon and a team of horses to your location.  Please call for pricing.  We also like to check the actual ride route to ensure the safety of both passengers and horses.  100$ per hour, 3 hour minimum within a 15 mile radius of Fantail Farm.

We are for hire for parades and special events.  Call and talk to us!

Call Susan @ 231-930-7216 for information or email us at fantailfarmllc@gmail.com.  You can also find us on Facebook.